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Weymouth Township
  Weymouth Township

Weymouth Township located in the southwest section of Atlantic County in the New Jersey Pinelands or Pine Barrens and contains the towns of Belcoville and Dorothy. It covers an area of 12.12 square miles, is bordered by the Great Egg Harbor River, South River, and Tuckahoe River, and is largely rural. The area was settled in the late 1600's when Weymouth Township once comprised the area of what is now Atlantic County.

Our name origin is Weymouth, England - An ancient seaport and modern terminal for ferries from the Channel Islands of Guernsey and Jersey. It is located at the mouth of the Wey River on Weymouth Bay. Weymouth is a popular beach resort of Georgian and Victorian houses. In olden days it was a naval port and the site of an important castle. King George III had a summer house there. In 1694 the Quaker fathers in Gloucester County named our township Weymouth because it was their township on the sea. They had no idea just how big a township they had created. Some of the Quakers may have left England from the port of Weymouth making it their last glimpse of the motherland.

  News and updates

Mayors State of the Township

What a year it has been here in Weymouth Township! First, I would like to congratulate Peter Keiffenheim on his re-election to the Township Committee. I also want to commend Ed Norton on a successful first year and thank him for his service to our community on the Township committee.

The men and women of the Dorothy Fire and Rescue cannot be thanked or praised adequately. I have always been in awe of their professionalism and dedication to our community. The tax raised by the fire district only covers a portion of their expenses. They still need your donations.

I also want to thank all of the good people who step up and volunteer to serve on the various committees and boards. These are the real leaders of our town. On our website we will post a list of our various boards and the members who serve on them. When we see them around town, let’s thank them.

We are blessed to have our little family of township employees and I am blessed as your Mayor to be surrounded by them. We have been through so many ups and downs this year, and yet looking back we have accomplished much. Thank you, DJ, for always going above and beyond what is required and keeping me centered and focused. You had some big shoes to fill and you exceeded everyone’s expectations.

Thank you, Debbie, for being the “face” of Weymouth Township. The many things that you do to help people often goes unnoticed and not many towns can claim to have a well-loved tax collector.

Ron is one of the hardest working and conscientious people I have ever met. Just look around this town and see the kind of work that he does. Thank you Ron, Chip, and Brian for doing a great job.

I know our employees would be successful and make more money doing what they do in bigger towns. I’m glad they stay here.


After dozens of meetings, endless conference calls, and a local BPU hearing, we convinced Verizon to invest millions of dollars into our town. Years of horrendous telephone service and slow or no internet are now a thing of the past. We will meet with South Jersey Gas this year and see if we can get them to come to Dorothy.

We celebrated Belcovilles’ 100th birthday with a daylong party, capped with some great fireworks. Peter and Ed did a great job putting this event together. Thanks go to them along with Douglas and Bonnie Yearsley, Tess and Henry Goldsmith, Connie Kiamos, Scott Little and the Boy Scouts, Ann Craig, Nancy Hanson, Patricia Doerr, Carla Gibney, Dianne Egan, Nick Santana, Kitty Duda, Andrea Mariner and the Weymouth School for providing an all-day shuttle to the event.  A special thank you to Angel Merrill. She grabbed the reins and made the day a wonderful success. Thank you Angel.

Weymouth Township also celebrated Bobby Gibneys’ retirement as chief of the Dorothy Vol. Fire Company. For over fifty years this good man has spent his life helping and protecting us. I live across the street from the fire house and his pickup is still always there.

We worked with Hometown America, the parent company of the Oaks, to establish some needed rent stability to the residents of the Oaks and a savings to the rest of the township.

We continue to sponsor our annual egg hunt, 4th of July fireworks, wienie roast and Christmas tree lighting celebration with parade.

Speaking of parades, for the third year in a row, we had a float in the Mays Landing Halloween parade.

The Weymouth Township School Board has hired Dr. John Alfieri as our new Chief School Administrator. He has brought a desperately needed stability and optimism to our Weymouth School.


We continue our efforts to have a sidewalk installed on the east side of Route #50 in Belcoville. We hope this year the State will see fit to help us eliminate this dangerous situation of people walking on the shoulder of a state highway.The county has approved a blinking light on Tuckahoe and 11th Ave. Do you also hear the theme from Jeopardy?

We hope to revive the senior advisory and veterans advisory committees. If you are interested please call DJ.

This township owes it success to its employees and volunteers!!


Wild Animals and Environmental Concerns Hotline

Please call out 24 hour dipatch unit should you have any concerns about a wild animal or Envirinmental concerns

1-877-WARN-DEP or 1-877-927-6337

Atlantic City Electric Launches New Easy-Access Solar Application

Improved process will assist customers and ACEvendors interested in solar power



Atlantic City Electric Launches New Streetlight Reporting System


Atlantic County Office of Emergency Preparedness

Multijurisdictional Natural Hazard Mitigation Plan

National No Call ListNational "Do Not Call List" for cell phones.

Call 1-888-382-1222 from the cell phone you wish to be blocked.

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